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Saturday, November 28, 2015


{4} Flower Drum  {10} Gun Stream

{9} True Friend {1} Midnight In Paris

{4} Blossom {10} Baazigar

{4} Shatakshi  {9} Sonic

5. {Skip the Race}
{1} Tintinabulation

{4} Golden Adara  {6} Patron Sait

{8} I AM RARE {4} Astra

Friday, November 27, 2015

1. {Run of the Race}

{5} Fancy Number  {3} Spiritual Act {4} Only Prince
Fancy Number {Well suited for this trip.  1kg up. Same  jocke astride. Can upset all calculation}

Spiritual Act {Can be useful for all Polls}

Only Prince {Classic sire and working extremely good on tracks.  Demote. Default Contender}

2. {Maiden 2 year  Enjoy the Race}
{11} Washinton  {3} Rafa  {12} Wonder Woman
Washinton {Infor Sire. Goo on tracks. Should run a bold race on Debut}

Rafa {Should Place}

Wonder Woman {Will be in fighting line}

3. {Upset will be in Store}
{5} Suez OH {6} Indian Legend  {3} Power and Strength  
Suez  OH {Igore all the runs. Track work notice along with class  III horse.} Should Run  a bold Race.}

Indian Legend {Another horse, always shine when least expected. Working extremely good on tracks.} Should Place and will be in fighting line.}

Power and Strength {Should Place}

4. {Run of the Race}
{4} Winter Bloom {10} Sonic Star {10} Catos Call
Winter Bloom {Impressive 4th at BangaloreS 12M. Well placed on demote. Extended trip will suit better.} Working Extremely good tracks with same jockey who is riding  today along with  3year old animal} Can upset all calculation here}

Sonic Star {Can be useful all polls}

Catos Call {Defaul Contender}

5. { Betting Range}
{9} Southern Surprise {12} Rakshitha {5} All IN  
Southern Surprise {Ignore mysore Runs. Tracking well} Has capacity to turn around winning bell.}

Rakshitha {CCan be useful for all Polls}

All In {Should Place}

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{7} Morpheus {4} Ramon  {11} Afore 
Morpheus {Experience Sire. Running straight into Handicap race. Working extextremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today} Can create flutter on debut}

Ramon {Should Place and will be in fighting line}

Afore {Default Contender}

7. {Betting Range}
{4} Pearl Reward {2} Statellite {10} Super Force
Pearl Reward {Nice cool sire.  Consistent performer at summer. Jockey change to Indrajeet.} Can upset all calculation here}

Statellite {Default contender}

Super Force {Should Place}

8. {Upset will be in Store}
{6} Love is Life  {3} Seven of Hearts {5} Shes Stunning

{4} Del Porto  {6} Prince Academy

Have A Superlative Day

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Dear All

Every one aware bangalore races running after God  Rain, such that it is ridiculous to wager instances from first race. Need to observe how track plays first few races and small hedge at longer odds no harm.

Lot of other paramerters has to be keenly observer before wagering a bet especially favourites but is best ignore till dust clear.

My choice and SR THEME as follows.

{12} Super Class  {6} Queens Ace {8} Silver Legend
Super Class {First Run on debut.  Should Run a bold race here.}

Queens Ace {Can be useful for all pools}

Silver Legend {Working extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is
 riding today} S.John who is riding after more than one year. Let him win. {Default Contender}

{3} Mariko {7} Time Square {6} Atlantus
Mariko {Working Extremely good on tracks. Should Place can upset}

Time Quare {Ignore first on debut. Tracking well with same jockey who is riding today. } Should be in fighting line

Atlantus {Nothing much to say. Default cotender}

3. {Run of the Race}
{7} Granada {9} Sharpshooter {4} Freestyle 
Granada {Ignore all the runs. tracking well. Should run a bold race here}

Sharpshooter {Inform sire.  Working extremely good on tracks. Should Place}

{9} Bonfire  {10} Foxymane  {4} Ive Got Clout
Bonfire {Inform Sire.  Good on tracks. Gamble horse. Can shine any day. Check the Tote Indication}

Foxymane {RRunning First time on debut. Should be in fighting line}

I ve Got Clot Default Conteder}

{2} Connemara  {3} Heaven is Here  {2} Super Sunshine
Connemara {Impressive 3rd to NEW ALLIANCE in race no 16 14M. Same jockey astride. Working Extremely Good on tracks. } Can upset younger contender here.

Heaven is Here {Should Place}

Super Sunshine {Default Contender}

{4} Glittering  {10} Trapezoid  {12} Our little Dragon
Glittering {Failed favourite in race no 15 12M. Jockey change to Back Arsad Alam.} Can amends  here.

Trapezoid {Classic Sire which suits all whether track. Gate practice notice. } Can upset all calculation here

OLD {Should Place}


8. {Run of the Race}
{8} Pearl Harbour  {11} Baboosh  {12} Swiss Eagle
Pearl Harbour {Impressive second atat Bangalore Summer 12M. Well placed on handicap race} Jockey change to C.Henrique.  Should  Run a bold race here}

Baboosh {Should Place}

{3} Akha Back Tej  {9} Churchill

Have a Superlative Day