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Saturday, September 24, 2016


My Choice for the Day.

{2} Motherland  {6} Aurora Austrails

{2} Art Deco  { 6} Spear of Trium

{4} Trevelyan  {2} Fire Bolt

{1} Tip Top Taffy  {3} Day Dreamer


{9} Je Suis  {8} Firenze

{4} Bounty Queen { 9} Aeolus  Maximus

{9} Dazzling Dancer

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Friday, September 23, 2016


My Choices for the Day.

1.  {Longer Distance and Small Field at Risk}
{3} Olly Boy 

2. {Small Field at Risk}
{3} Night of Stars

3. {Betting Range}
{2} Way Ahead {3} Angel Girl

4.  {Small Field at Risk}
{4} Intelligence

5.  {Small field at Risk}
{1} Silver r Beauty

6.  {Betting Range}
{3} Desert Gold

7.  {Betting Range}
{3} Shield of Achilles  {6} Sydney Harbour

8. {Upset will be in Store}
{9}  Scarlet Prince {4} Silk Baby

{9} Simon Says  {6} Never Say Never

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Thursday, September 22, 2016


My Choice for the Day.

1. {Between 2}
{2} Grapes on the Skill  {12} Intractive
Grapes on the Skill {Nothingb much to Say, But Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today, for Top Honours}

Intractive {Should Place  by Default}

Based on Query.
Reverberating.. {Not Impressed}

{ Failed Favourite last Run. Fine} But if we see the Racing Incident and Viewing the Video there is no need to look too much on this horse.

a. Had Oral ulcer on the Right hind and fresh commissure.l
b. Hanging In.

c. Remedical Measure Advised {Unable to see nothing in Equipnent change or added}

d. NO TRACK WORK  After that Run.

{Stilll, If it want to Win or Place, Let it be.}  

There are Better {Class and Horses} ahead or tomorrow.

This is  my View regarding Reverbating.

2. { Between 2}
{4} Heidrun  {6} Evander
Heidrum The intention in top post looks good base on  good trail after previous easy run}

Evander {Should place by default}

3. {Between 2}
{7} Summer Star  {4} Shivalik Dance
Summer Star {Winner at bangalore same identical distance. Has his SRP {Speed Rating Points} to oblige again.}

Shivalik Dance ed {Should Place by default}

4. {Run of the Race}
{4} Daenerys  {10} Flirting Eyes
Daenerys {Winner in previous outing in this track with same apprentice jockey. Shoul place, can upset} {If trainer waiting for double will have more chance}

Flirting Eyes {Default Cotender}

5.  {Check the Tote Indication}
{8} Private Paradise  {7} Krieger
Private Paradise {Rest Depends on Krieger. 
Any how  has capacity (if run on merit,) can Surprise}

{6} {Betting Range} 
{8} Taqdeer Ka Badshah  {2} Pearl Secret {Default Contender}

7.  {Betting Range}
{8} Czar Rule  {1} Amazing Rule

8. {Run of the Race}
{10} Fireline {3} Archimedes {11} Reference
Archimedes {Has updated at 9.55am on race day. Should do well here.}

Fireline {Working Extremely good on tracks. Should  be in Fighting Line}

Reference {Default Contender}

{2} Al Dorado {6} Alphs

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Explanation MAY updated tomorrow morning before 10AM.