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Monday, July 28, 2014

Mysore [29th July 2014]

Dear All
Card looks Mixed. As usual look for Positive longer odds

Race No 1 [1400M] [Run of the Race.]
[4] Rosie's Dream  [6] Time Matters  

Race No 2 [1200M] [Betting Range]
[3] Felicissimus  [2] Lagoona  [12] I Love You

Race No 3 [2000M] [Small field at Risk]

Race No 4 [1400M] [Betting Range]
[12] Caterina  [2] Noughtsandcrosses [7] Sea Runner

Race No 5 [1200M] [Looks to be Good Race]
[7] Rising Romeo  [9] Teri Adah  [12] Class Above

Race No 6 [1600M] [Betting Range]
[2] As Always  [[9] Charm and Dream  [8] Pepper King

Race No 7 [1400M] [Betting Range]
[1] Fink  [4] April Star

Race No 8 [1200M] [Upset will be in Store]
[2] Rule Forever  [7] Gun Salute  [5] Bandito

Race No 9 [1400M]
[2] Little Athena  [9] Style of Signature

PS. If possible tomorrow around 10.30am Explanation will be updated.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Race No 1 [1] [Small field always at risk]
[1] Sreeyantra

Race No 2 [1100M] [Betting Range]
[2] Evesham  [5] Birthday Boy [Should Place]  [1] Pinball Wizard

Race No 3 [1200M] [Betting Range]
[6] Astatki  [1] Xavier [3] Set Sail

Race No 4 [1200M] [upset will be in store]
[5] Kaartiken  [6] Silken Senorita [2] Snow Ball

Race No 5 [1400M] [Run of the Race]
[6] In the Sunlight  [2] Valerosa [1] Style Dan

Race No 6 [1200M] [Betting Range]
[4] Royal Scots  [2] Home Alone [[10] Razmaden

Race No 7 [1200M]

[11] Santos [10] Deserving Visit [7] Tasveer [Can be useful for all combination Pools]


Hyderabad [28th July 2014]

Malakpet card doesn't look attractive, as usual look for positive longer odds. Comments will be give for this center from next week onwards.

Race No 1 [1200M] [Betting Range]
[10] Pour Vous  [2] Gentle Chief [Should Place] [1] Altruist

Race No 2 [1100M] [Betting Range]
[2] Sweety Girl  [6] Jaden Gil  [4] Westminister

Race No 3 [1100M] [Betting Range]
[3] Secret Angel [9] Montauk[Should Place] [8] Camborne

Race No 4 [1400M] [Run of the Race]
[2] Star Player [1] Rani [8] Valerian Steel

Race No 5 [1600M]  [upset will be in store]
[7] Time for Smile [3] Golden Phantom  [11] Novaya Zemlya 

Race No 6 [1100M] [Looks to be Good Race]
[1] Go for Gold [Can Win]  [13] Trustful

Have a Superlative Day...

Dear All
My Choice / Explanation /SRTHEME Based on Speed-Rating and his Parameters.

Look for Positive longer odds.

Updated explanation in morning around 10.30am

Race No 1 [1400M] [Run of the Race]
[11] Mystic Lavenders [5] Summer Gold [12] Youre a Star 
Mystic Lavenders [Running first this season. 3rd to THUNDER in race no 239 1400M. Same jockey astride.] [No track work and pool] [Should Run a bold race.]

Youre a Star [Should Place.]

Race No 2 [1100M] [Betting Range]
[5] Actual [9] Super Queen [7] Good Fruit   
Actual [5th to ANDIANA in race no 102 1100M. Jockey change to Neeraj Rawal.No track work.] [Will try Start to Finish Attempt]

Super Queen [First Run on debut. Impressed in track work] [Will be favourite]

Good Fruit [Can be useful for all combination pools]

Race No 3 [1200M] [upset will be in Store]
[7] Resurgent  [2] Bessie  [1] King Julien
Resurgent [Impressive winner in race no 77 1200M in lower class. Well placed on Higher class. Jockey change to Arshad Alam] Working extremely good on tracks with same same jockey who is riding today] [Can Surprise]

Bessie [Should Place.]

King Julien [Running first time this season. Second to SHAMROCK LADY at Malakpet 1200M. Jockey change to S.John. Good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today along with class IV  animal]

Race No 4 [1600M] [1600M] [Interesting and Good Race]
[7] The General [2] God Speed  [1] Bold Majesty
The General [Second to COLDSTREAM in race no 117 1400M. 1.5kg down. Jockey change to D.K.Ashish.Tracking well along with class III animal, and we observer in one of the track this horse has finished ahead stable mate God Speed.] [Should be in fighting line]

Bold Majesty [Should Place.]

Race No 5 [1400M] [Looks to be Good  Race]
[7] Inquisition  [5] Southern Emperor [4] Ridgeway 
Inquisition [Ignore race no 53 1400M. 1.5kg down. Same Jockey astride. Experience horse. Working Extremely good on tracks.] [Should WIN]

Southern Emperor [Should Place.]

Ridgeway [4th to MACHIAVELLIANISM in race no 119 1400M from rear position till turn Terms race. Same jockey astride. No track work after that Run.]

Race No 6 [1200M] [upset will be in Store]
[4] Samara Sun [6] Simpleton  [7] Wind and Flight
Samara Sun [Ignore both the Runs this current season. Track work notice] [If any fluke, will be Right there.]

Simpleton [Can be useful for all combination Pools]

Wind and Flight [5th to WHISTLEJACKET in race no 72 1200M. 1kg down. Jockey change to Yash Narredu.] Tracking well] [Should be in fighting line.]

Race No 7 [1400M]
[4] Arziki [2] Sakchi  [7] Republican Star

Jackpot Combination
7  2  1  3 10 / 7  2  1 10 /  7 / 4 6 7 / 4  

 Have a Superlative Day

Chart No 5
Ruler of the Day SUN  [5]

27/07/2014 [2+7+7+2+0+1+4 23 = 5]

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